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 [UD] Teach Yourself Basic Mathematics


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 Publisher: Teach Yourself Books | English | edition 2003 | PDF | 121 pages | 80.4 mb

For some people, the opportunities to use maths in everyday situations are opportunities that are best avoided. This text is aimed at teaching you all the maths you need to know for everyday living including: how to work with numbers; how to change between different types of measurements; understanding fractions, decimals and percentages; how to make sense of simple graphs and tables; and using maths at work, shopping and around the home. Whilst suitable for complete beginners, this book progresses steadily to a more complex level and is also designed to enable parents to help their children with maths problems. Some games and puzzles are included throughout the text.


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LindaJPalmer, le 24-05-2017 à 08:24:09 :


Its the best thing which i have ever found on any page,here you can find basic math by yourself,PDF file and research papers for free are available just download it and learn basic math.

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