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Product Details:
  * Hardcover: 1160 pages
  * Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc (July 15, 2009)
  * Language: English
  * ISBN-10: 9781412951784
  * ISBN-13: 978-1412951784
  * ASIN: 141295178X

Editorial Reviews:
In approximately 330 entries, the Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience presents “a range of insightful interdisciplinary topics” related to the human response to death and dying and the attendant rituals and practices. The alphabetically arranged entries discuss matters from Abortion to Zombies, revenants, vampires, and reanimated corpses.
The entries for Brain death and Defining and conceptualizing death offer definitions of death. The details provided in the descriptions of Cremation and Embalming may well make one consider Green burials as an alternative. The psychological aspects of death are explored in entries such as Death anxiety, Memorials, and Survivor guilt. Because religions have often informed our views on death, the beliefs and traditions of many religions, such as Christianity and Hinduism, and those of Mesoamerican/pre-Columbian cultures, among others, are presented.
Social questions such as Palliative care and Quality of life are discussed. A range of legal issues, including Estate planning and Forensic science, are treated. Finally, an encyclopedia on death would not be complete without entries on such topics as Cannibalism, Necrophilia, and Neonaticide. Each entry contains cross-references and a list of further reading, and a “Reader’s Guide” that arranges entries under broad topics aids navigation. Lists of death-related Web sites and organizations are appended. Although thinking about death and dying may well be something many of us would prefer not to do, the entries in the encyclopedia provide helpful introductions—as seen from the perspectives of such academic disciplines as art, economics, philosophy, psychology, religion, science, social work, and sociology—to the multifaceted issues surrounding an event everyone will encounter.
Recommended for academic and large public libraries. Also available as an e-book. --Christopher McConnell

"With a focus on the actions, emotions, beliefs, and traditions of the human experience, this interdisciplinary compendium of approximately 330 lengthy entries provides an excellent reference to the cycle of dying, the social-psychological emotions, and the cultural constructs surrounding the process.... Entries provide effective, clear, multifaceted overviews that cover appropriate issues, practices, beliefs, customs, and trends."-CHOICE (J. A. Adams-Volpe )


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